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Massage therapy is a valuable form of self-care. A whole host of health-related problems can benefit from massage therapy, such as; chronic pain, injury, stress, poor sleep, anxiety and depression. It is a positive addition to your general wellness and a much deserved boost to your self-care regimen!

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Therapeutic massage is beneficial in that it addresses specific areas of muscle tension unique to each individual. Our day to day activities and occupations possess repetitive motions and/or positions that often lead to imbalance of our musculoskeletal system and hence, muscle tension and pain. Deep tissue therapeutic massage is specifically beneficial for breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood circulation. Regular therapeutic massage sessions relieve muscle tension and may even prevent injury.

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Relaxation massage is your "feel good" swedish massage. It is perfect for forgetting the day's worries and falling into a deep relaxation on the table. Relaxation massage is typically more of a soothing massage and great for relieving muscle tension.

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